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We’re Digital Buzz, a prominent digital marketing & software development company. We understand the importance of a brand’s social media presence.


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Our dedicated team is here to provide tailored solutions, expert guidance, and exceptional support to help you succeed.


Design is a powerful and multifaceted discipline that encompasses the creation and arrangement of elements to achieve a specific purpose.


Development in technology is a relentless and ever-evolving process that revolutionizes the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us.


Marketing is a strategic and dynamic field that focuses on identifying, understanding, and satisfying customer needs and wants.

Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, transforming the way we communicate, connect, and consume information.

Training Class

Training classes offer valuable opportunities for individuals to acquire new knowledge, develop skills, and enhance their expertise in a specific area.

Help & Support

Help and support are vital elements in providing assistance, guidance, and resources to individuals or communities in times of need.


Our company’s portfolio showcases our expertise in driving online visibility, generating leads, and delivering successful campaigns for clients across diverse industries.

Hotel Tibet
Kendra Motion Picture website
Digital Buzz

Our Customers

We prioritize their satisfaction, building strong relationships, and delivering exceptional experiences that meet and exceed their expectations.


You can create your own expectation but somehow Digital Buzz will surpass your expectation and blow your mind every time.
Akash Khadka
Chairperson, Cinepati
Digital Buzz is very trustworthy and their services are very fast. You don't have to compromise on any factor.
Om Prakash 'Chitiz'
Owner, One day 3D art Museum
I am very amazed by the service they provide for Digital Marketing. It's very affordable, trustworthy, and satisfactory.
Pradhyumna Ghimire
Director, Hotel Tibet International
Digital Buzz and Creativity go side by side. Their working style is unique and they make their client very inclusive.
Taglung Thakali Cuisine
Youngrim Bhattachan
Director, Taglung Thakali Cuisine

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